Critical Mix

Critical Mix

Survey Solutions with a Human Touch


Critical Mix provides easy access to highly-targeted global survey respondents, survey programming and data visualization services for market research and consulting firms.

We make it easier and faster to access high-quality survey data because we are driven by a passion for simplifying data collection.  The team at Critical Mix is personally invested in giving clients the ultimate customer service experience. Every project, no matter the size or type, is supported by a team of always-available, experienced market research practitioners who anticipate your needs and provide thoughtful customer care.

Service options include a complete spectrum of high-quality data collection tools ranging from sample sources, survey programming and fielding, to report automation and data dashboards.

And, Critical Mix believes that you should be able to contact a human being to get a question answered or an issue resolved. That’s why we are available every day, after-hours, and even on the weekends, to take your calls, answer your emails, and ensure that your project is conducted flawlessly.


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You can reach us anytime including nights and weekends!