Fall Educational and Networking Event

Come out and meet David Almy, our new MRA CEO!

Where: Cibo Restaurant | 767 2nd Ave at 41st, New York, NY | 212-681-1616

Our evening’s Keynote Speaker is John Krubski, CEO and founder of itlcinsights, a marketing consultancy company.

Cultureography, a new dimension in Consumer Insight (PRC APPROVED)
Providing us with fuel, process and context for outside-the-box thinking on researching influences or constituencies that aren’t commonly considered, in order to improve brand perforamance, communication effectiveness, consumer engagement, and product saliency. We will explore innovative approaches from outside industry conventions that will expand the thinking of the group and push the boundaries of the envelope of thinking about what we need to know to motivate desired actions and preferences in selsected consumer segments and situations.

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Registration information:

 Advanced Registration by 4:00 pm Oct 4, 2010 is $60 | Registration After Oct 4 & Walk-in are $70

To register contact:

Lizabeth Bloom
Schlesinger Associates – New York
212.730.6400 Ext 102

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