About MRA-NY

About MRA-NYBased in the hub of research and advertising industries, the Greater New York Chapter is committed to the highest standards for all aspects of the research process.

With a diverse member constituency, representing multiple specializations within the research field, the Greater New York Chapter seeks a complete understanding of the challenges facing the industry today in an effort to aggressively address current issues.

The Greater New York Chapter provides opportunities for members to advance their market research and business skills, while creating an environment for the free flowing exchange of information and fostering of community. Members have a competitive advantage with access to timely educational programs, networking opportunities, leading-edge publications and research, and credibility through the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) program.

Whether you want your needs met as an individual or as a company, MRA provides the essential tools you need to improve business and personal performance. End Users/clients, research companies, providers of related services and educators all come together at MRA. Read about membership.